Mankar-Two 100 Flex

The Mankar-Two 110 Flex has two spring-loaded sprayhoods to give a spray width of 70 to 110 cm (28-44″) and is deployed primarily for in-row cultivations on rough terrain and / or on deep, soft ground.

This machine has several benefits:

  • Ground-driven pump for accurate application rate
  • Spring-loaded hoods to avoid obstacles and control drift
  • Hoods can be mounted in front or behind the wheel

The tire is 53 cm (21″) in diameter, designed to roll through rough terrain whether the field is full of skidsteer tracks from the springtime or the trees are planted in rough, hilly terrain where you cannot get a tractor easily.

The product is metered by the wheel, so it does not matter what speed you walk as the product will alwys be dispensed perfectly per area sprayed.  With a glyphosate product for example, you can spray for 5 kilometers (3 miles) before you need a refill.

There is a sightglass to monitor the flow rate and also a LED light that tells you if the atomizer is malfunctioning or the battery is low.


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